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Colway Atelo Gold Set - MC2 (4 Products)

Colway Atelo Gold Set - MC2 (4 Products)

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Four breakthrough cosmetology discoveries in one unique set.

Product properties:

Among the selected cosmetics from the ATELO line, we have created an exclusive Golden Set ATELO – COLWAY for the most demanding customers.

Golden Set ATELO consists of carefully selected and matched products, constituting a complete care series, dedicated to modern customers who are aware of their needs. The set features top-class cosmetics whose formulas are based on atelocollagen and colloidal gold – exclusive ingredients with proven anti-aging properties, which, thanks to the synergy of action, ensure exceptional effectiveness in the fight against aging processes.

The golden care ritual consists of:

  • Liquid make-up remover that quickly and effectively, and at the same time gently removes even waterproof make-up.
  • Atelowater – extremely rich in vitamin C, with revitalizing and brightening properties; it instantly moisturizes the skin and supports the absorption of active collagen.
  • Atelocollagen – the most technologically advanced active collagen dedicated to mature skin, enriched with colloidal gold and silk proteins.
  • MC2 Cream – a cream with a liquid crystal formula, with great penetrating properties, rich in antioxidants, effectively combating the signs of skin aging.
  • The luxurious nature of the set is emphasized by an elegant, comfortable make-up bag that can hold all the products.

Golden Set ATELO – COLWAY:

  • Atelocollagen
  • MC2 Cream
  • Atelowater
  • Atelo Liquid Make Up Remover
  • Elegant make-up bag
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