HADADO®️ Japanese Lifting Massage & Buccal Massage




Hadado®️ Japanese Face Lifting Massage (Kobido), due to its complexity and intensity of techniques, works on the deeper layers of the skin and muscles. 

This face lifting massage (Kobido) is the most technically advanced form of facial massage in Japan, if not the world! Combination of slow and the intensive movements, are supposed to relax and stimulate the skin and production of skin's components in order to achieve the expected lifting effect.

This massage activates the facial nerves and thus increases the flow of Qi (life energy) on the face, which leads to a natural lifting effect.



Buccal Massage (also called intraoral massage) involves massaging pressure points inside the mouth to:

  • stimulate the muscles and ligaments in the buccal fat pad (between the cheeks and the jowls)
  • tighten and contour the area

When done regularly, this procedure can provide similar results to those of dermal fillers, but without the needles and potential side effects. The treatment typically involves massage of other facial areas as well.


Hadado®️ Japanese Face Lifting Massage (Kobido) (75 min) | $200

Buccal Massage (30 min) | $85

Hadado®️ Japanese Face Lifting Massage (Kobido) with Buccal Massage (120 min) | $250



Benefits of Hadado®️ Japanese Face Lifting Massage (Kobido):

- Lifts and tones décolleté, neck and face

- Reduces dark circles under the eyes 

- Reduces double chin  

- Reduces puffiness 

- Healthier and glowing skin


Visual Benefits of Hadado®️ Japanese Face Lifting Massage (Kobido):

- Prevent or reduce the effects of skin aging

- Regain a firmer skin through deep work on muscle structure

- Eliminates muscle tension that causes mimic wrinkles

- Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin


Overall Health Benefits of Hadado®️ Japanese Face Lifting Massage (Kobido):

- Stimulate cell metabolism, which will contribute to faster skin regeneration

- Cleanse the skin by removing toxins, impurities and dead skin cells

- Balancing the body, mind and spirit 

- Relaxation - Improves circulation 

- Relieves headaches 

- Reduce effects of fascial stiffness 

- Neck and shoulder tension 

- Improves sleep 

- Improves overall wellbeing


Hadado Japanese Face Lifting Massage (Kobido) with Buccal Massage



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