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All Peels are customized by a medical aesthetician for clients’ needs using Mesoesthetic, Innoaesthetic & Promoitalia professional peels. 

Note: all peels begin with a professional skin analysis providing result driven recommendations and appropriate treatments.


Medical Peel (1hr)$180 

Swiss Acid (45 min) | $140   

Innoesthetic Lightening Peel (1 hr) |  $250  

Upper Back Swiss Acid / Medical Peel (1hr) | $160 / $190 

Hollywood Peel with Eye Treatment (1hr) | $350 

The Hollywood Peel with VZone Eye treatment is the ideal cosmetic for reducing the size and appearance of age spots. It sloughs off dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer of acne-prone skin for an overall younger-looking skin.


    • Refreshes skin

    • Cleans acne-prone skin

    • Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles

    • Firms the appearance of skin

    • Reduces the look of age spots

Hollywood Peel with VZone Eye Treatment



V-Bianco (1hr) | $250 

Pure lightning system. A professional cosmetic system that reduces melanic spots, brightens skin and provides a younger look to the skin thanks to the synergistic action of active ingredients. A complete system that aims to target the most common skin imperfections related to hyperpigmentation and promotes an effective and fast skin turnover.

V Bianco benefits:

  • Younger & healthier looking skin
  • Visibly radiant
  • Rejuvenated look
  • Energized skin

V Bianco Lightening Brightening Facial Hyperpigmentation Treatment


Pink Intimate System (30 min) | $150 

The ideal gentle, non-invasive cosmetic solution to improve the overall appearance of skin which looks visible brightened especially in the most delicate areas of the body.

Pink Intimate System is recommended for enhancing the skin look of different delicate body areas such as:

  • Bikini area
  • Areola
  • Underarms
  • Inner Buttocks
  • Inner Thigh
  • Knees
  • Elbows

Pink Intimate System benefits:

  • Improves the quality of skin and relieves dryness by keeping skin moisturized
  • Firming and tonic effect
  • Even, healthy and radiant complexion
  • Prevents damage caused by dryness


Minimum of 5/6 sessions are required for optimal results.

 Pink Intimate System Intimate area lightening treatment


 Pink Intimate System Intimate area lightening treatment


Pink Intimate System Intimate area lightening treatment



SQT BIO Microneedling (30 min) | $250 

The key ingredient is SPONGE SPICULES which is a pure and natural biological extract. It is much more advanced than algae and seaweed and 100% natural without any chemicals or acid. Siliceous biological microneedle are extracted from freshwater sponge, is then broken down into a powder and combined with a naturally healing and hydrating liquid to form an exfoliating mask. It can stimulate the dermis of the skin and start skin surface microcirculation, improve the capillary stoma blocking phenomenon, accelerate the natural exfoliation of the aging cuticle. 

SQT Bio Microneedling benefits:


  • Reduces congestion and blackheads

  • Softens lines and wrinkles

  • Fades pigmentation and sunspots

  • Brightens skin dull appearance

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Speeds up the skin natural exfoliation process

  • Softens scars and improves the overall appearance

SQT BIO MIcroneedling Acne Scarring Hyperpigmentation Brightening Treatment

SQT BIO MIcroneedling Acne Scarring Hyperpigmentation Brightening Treatment



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