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Aquafolia Aqua Rescue Concentrate Spray 230ml

Aquafolia Aqua Rescue Concentrate Spray 230ml

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Concentrated liquid serum based on a deep sea hydrothermal exopolysaccharide (biotechnological extract) for dehydrated, sensitive and reactive skin. Moisturizes and relieves itching due to dry skin. Soothes and gives back a sense of well-being. Improves the skin’s moisture barrier.


Skin type and conditions

All sensitive and dehydrated skin types




  • Reduces irritability and reactivity
  • Protection of Langerhans cells (exopolysaccharide – biotech)
  • Stimulates the skin to activate the cells repair and restructuring process
  • Rebalances the skin
  • Anti-free radical and antibacterial (olive leaf extract)
  • Prepares the skin for subsequent products by imbibition
  • Gives back comfort
  • Cooling sensation, soothes heating and burning sensations
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