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Colway Atelocream MC2 50ML

Colway Atelocream MC2 50ML

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Innovation – a great trio to diminish the effects of skin aging.

Product properties

MC2 Atelocream is a luxurious result of using the potential of three breakthroughs in cosmetology: biomimetics, the liquid crystal system and atelocollagen, aimed at effectively preventing the effects of aging.

The liquid crystal base of the cream has been enriched with biomimetic active ingredients and all three types of native collagen: atelocollagen, tropocollagen and procollagen. The result is our cream with extremely strong anti-aging effect. On top of that, the cosmetic has an oleosomal structure in line with the physiology of the skin, which provides excellent absorption of biomimetic active ingredients.

Thanks to the liquid-crystal formula of the cream base, active substances and three types of collagen are released gradually and in a controlled manner.

This minimizes the effect of excessive stimulation of fibroblasts and prevents the accelerated death of cells determined by the so-called “Hayflick limit.”

The globally unique MC2 biorevitalizer is extremely rich in antioxidants and thus effectively eliminates the signs of aging, such as: wrinkles, sagging skin, change of the face shape, discoloration, uneven skin structure. These characteristics make MC2 Atelocream especially recommended for care of the face, neck and cleavage with the first signs of aging, as well as for tired skin with uneven color.

The delightfully velvety texture of the product makes the application of the cream very comfortable, and the cosmetic is quickly absorbed without leaving a tacky layer on the face. Owing to this, MC2 Atelocream is an excellent base for make-up.



  • Moisturizing.
  • Nourishing.
  • Reducing the visibility of wrinkles.
  • Improving skin firmness.
  • Increasing skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Reducing signs of fatigue.
  • Adding energy and radiance.
  • Providing healthy looking skin.
  • Illuminating.


Key Ingredients 

Tropocollagen – molecules isolated from fish skins that retain the conformation of the triple helix.

Atelocollagen – collagen whose structure is also a triple spiral, which, when in contact with pepsin, achieves the perfect biological purity known so far only to generic companies.

Procollagen, or peptide chains that form collagen spirals only in the processes of collagen biosynthesis.

MC2 complex – (acai berry polyphenols, ginseng saponins, THP – tetrahydropiperine) – a rich source of anti-aging antioxidants.

Polypeptides – arginine and lysine smooth the skin, reducing wrinkles.

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