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Guinot Pure Balance Mask 50ML

Guinot Pure Balance Mask 50ML

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An oily skin can be recognized in the presence of dilated pores, pimples and shine, due to a hyper-activity of the sebaceous glands (particularly in the middle zone of the face).

These secretions, linked to hormonal factors, can develop under the influence of dietary imbalances, pollution, stress or imperfect hygiene. These excessive secretions lead to obstruction of the pores and encourage proliferation of bacteria which in turn cause irritation and unsightly spots.

Oily skin should be regularly re-balanced using an appropriate, thorough treatment in order to purify and cleanse the epidermis in depth.

Features & Benefits:

  • Instant restoration of a shine-free, radiant skin
  • Absorbing shine and impurities
  • Refining the texture of the skin
  • In depth purification



  • Sebocidine Complex: antimicrobial which regulates oily secretions, purifies.
  • Pumice Stone: removes dead cells and impurities.
  • Mattifying Powders: absorb oil on skin surface and prevent shine.
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