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PodoExpert Shoe Deodorant 100ml

PodoExpert Shoe Deodorant 100ml

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Reduces the production of sweat with natural ingredients without "clogging the pores" and strengthens the skin barrier. For Your Clients Who Are using another product to help prevent and eliminate fungal conditions that are making their way into their shoes and then getting trapped. Spend a great deal of time in the same pair of shoes. Want to make sure their feet smell fresh all day. Want a shoe deodorant spray that will not harm the material of the shoes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tea Tree Oil - combats odour-causing germs
  • Fresh scent for shoes, boots and skates
  • Protects against unpleasant odors
  • Helps to achieve a healthy, hygienic environment

Important Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil combats odor causing germs.

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