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Colway Vitamin C 120 capsules

Colway Vitamin C 120 capsules

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Cult capsules with 100% bioorganic vitamin C obtained from plants.

Product properties:

Colway Vitamin C is a dietary supplement that stands out on the market and provides natural vitamin C.

There is no natural source of vitamin C more expansive than shoots from the growth of granular plants (e.g. buckwheat) on the 5-7 day of their germination. For that reason, we obtain vitamin C for the C-olway dietary supplement directly from nature, from sprouting buckwheat and bitter orange. These two plants are now recognized as one of the most essential natural sources of vitamin C – due to its high bioavailability and excellent flavonoid connections.

Man – unlike other mammals – does not produce vitamin C in his own body. For that reason, we must obtain it from food and dietary supplements.

It is an exceptionally important vitamin because:

  • it is necessary for the production of collagen, which keeps blood vessels, bones and skin in good condition;
  • it stimulates collagen biosynthesis to ensure the proper functioning of capillaries, skin, gums and teeth, as well as bones and cartilages;
  • it contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system;
  • it ensures proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems through appropriate density and firmness of the walls of blood vessels.


When creating dietary supplements at COLWAY, we have always been mindful of the principle that the quality and effectiveness of extracts of raw materials used should stand out significantly from competition available on the market.

Say hello to C-olway and become friends with it! It is currently one of the best, 100% natural vitamin C available on the market. It has enjoyed an excellent opinion of consumers for many years. Produced without the addition of artificially synthesized ascorbic acid and fillers.

Vitamin C contained in our capsules is also 100% bio-organic. It is a product that meets the most stringent requirements for healthy food – so much so that the composition does not even contain artificial coloring, and calcium carbonate was used as an anti-caking agent.

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