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Aquafolia AquaIMUNITA Cell Reboost Lotion 200ml

Aquafolia AquaIMUNITA Cell Reboost Lotion 200ml

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True liquid serum participating in stratum corneum imbibition. Firming, vivifying, clarifying and energizing. Formulated of plant stem cell extracts, organic waters of rose and hibiscus.

Skin type and conditions

All skin types


(Educational information that does not represent the product’s functions)

  • Promotes repair and revitalization functions. (Vigna radiata extract)
  • Stimulates regenerative functions of the skin and provides a lifted appearance.
  • Red chili pepper stem cells
  • Clarifying, moisturizing and softening. (Organic Hibiscus Water)
  • Anti-aging effect, astringent, calming and evens out the complexion. (Organic Damascus Rose Water)
  • Energizing effect (booster). (Organic Marjoram essential oil)


Available at Jolanta's European Spa Kitchener-Waterloo.

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