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Jodi Lee Labs

Jodi lee Labs Immortelle Oil 15ml

Jodi lee Labs Immortelle Oil 15ml

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Produced Locally in small batches to remain fresh and active Therefore, the products do not require the heavy preservatives that is commonly used in the industry, leading to premature aging




Not many have ever heard of this unbelievable oil. There is a long list of benefits from this ancient magical ingredient that locals nicknamed, “Immortelle”. For centuries, Europeans have used this for wound healing, eliminating scars and any general skin irritation, from eczema to bug bites. It was recognized in recent decades, those who used this on a regular basis, had much less skin damage and wrinkles. It’s incredible collagen-building response eliminates wrinkles but also works incredibly fast on hyperpigmentation, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, fungus and many other skin ailments.

In addition to its skin benefits, it can also help with calming the nervous system, improving metabolism, downgrading migraines, help with insomnia, as well as improving other organ functions when ingested. (jodiLee is not trained in this area and therefore cannot recommend dosage for internal use) We can report that using this at night on your skin will result in a more restful sleep.

*This oil is extremely expensive to extract and often replicated using lower grade, diluted oils. Please beware of imitations. If you see this for a much lower price, it is likely not a pure source and you will not get the best results.

jodiLee sources directly from Northern Croatian Helichrysum Italicum farmers, where it is optimally cultivated.

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