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Swiss Line

Swiss Line Cell Shock Brightening Diamond Serum 40ML

Swiss Line Cell Shock Brightening Diamond Serum 40ML

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The dual formula Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum contains REAL visible clusters of diamonds 2 x 20 ml

From the first application, the see-through serum (inside the transparent chamber) imparts an even reflection of light to sublimate the complexion, firming and reducing any surface unevenness. With continued use, the rose serum (inside the pearlescent chamber) contributes to fading localized existing dark spots or unevenly pigmented areas, to create a uniform, brighter skin.


Features & Benefits:

  • Counteracts and helps erase all forms of pigmentation spots
  • Reduces skin sensitivity to UV radiation and oxidative stress
  • Helps promote overall youthful skin along with instant radiance and firming benefits all in one




  • DIAMOND CLUSTERS: Marine polymers “trap” the micronized diamonds; the clusters’ stability is secured by a complex process which combines two polymers interacting together in the manner of "molecular velcro-tape" to form an evanescent micro-capsule. The clusters burst instantly upon application to create an outstanding immediate, brightening effect. The micronized diamonds impart a precious light-reflection that leads to a refreshed-looking complexion.
  • SYN®-AKE PEPTIDE: The Syn®-Ake peptide is entirely produced in the laboratory – without direct sourcing from the venom itself. It is proven to mimic the topical effects of Waglerin-1 when applied to the skin’s surface, resulting in a more relaxed and plumped surface with fewer expression lines. This accomplishment is achieved mostly through blocking the anchoring of acetylcholine in the receptors of muscle cells.


  • CELLACTEL 2 WHITE COMPLEX: Using the same cellular bio-nutrients present in the original Cellactel 2 Complex, combined with an advanced peptide technology and botanical extracts of Rumex occidentalis extract and vitamin C, this provides: lifting and anti-wrinkle effects; corrects future pigmentation disorders at their origin; lightens existing melanin deposits and fades brown spots. It offers remarkable anti-inflammatory properties with a very selective action over the melanocytes.
  • HD-WHITE COMPLEX: Consists of powerful whitening ingredients and antioxidants. Delivered via a SMART LIPOSOMAL COMPLEX (to prevent any breakdown before the ingredients reach their targeted pathways). ARBUTIN strongly inhibits tyrosine activity (the skin’s own key enzyme accelerating the pigmentation process). GLUTATHIONE offers high degrees of antioxidant action, directly targeted to melanin and melanocyte activity. ASCORBIC ACID + ASCORBYL PALMITATE boost the brightening effects of the overall formula with additional stabilized vitamin C.
  • SPOT-OFF COMPLEX: Thanks to a “dissolving” action that goes beyond that of melanin-inhibiting active ingredients, this complex can deliver visible results that are simultaneously quick and long lasting. Counteracting both UV-induced spots and lipofuscin senescent related age-spots.
  • Contains GARDEN CRESS SPROUTS to prevent both melanin and lipofuscin formation. Garden Cress Sprouts are rich in sulforaphane, a phytonutrient that is able to neutralize reactive oxidants. Sulforaphane is a “second generation” antioxidant. Such indirect antioxidants are enzymes that can continuously regenerate antioxidants. Direct antioxidants, such as the vitamins C and E, need to be regenerated by other antioxidants once they have been neutralized to an oxidant. Sulforaphane neutralizes free radicals and ROS, both considered the first UV-induced triggers for the formation of lipofuscin and melanin.
  • GENISTEIN inhibits the formation of age spots. The most abundant isoflavone in soy, it is a natural inhibitor of the tyrosine kinase, an enzyme involved in several signaling cascades that lead to increased melanin synthesis. By inhibiting tyrosine kinase, Genistein blocks the signaling of ET-1 thus preventing the formation of age spots as well as diminishing existing ones.
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