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Swiss Line

Swiss Line Cell Shock Perfection Booster 20ml

Swiss Line Cell Shock Perfection Booster 20ml

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A no mercy booster to target imperfections for a fresh skin and refined texture.

Of all the forms of AHA, lactic acid is the only naturally occurring in the skin. it actually protects the natural pH of the skin with external alkalizing factors. When used in a concentration of at least 1% and associated to a sufficiently low pH, lactic acid is an excellent exfoliator. Under its effect, the skin renews faster, its grain becomes thinner and more even.


Features & Benefits:

  • Resurfacing and smoothing skin texture
  • Reduces pore size and fine lines
  • Reverses signs of photo-aging at a superficial level with a soft peeling



Lactic Acid 10% conc. (final formula pH is 3.70) : Offers a powerful yet gentle peeling solution. The risk of minor irritation cannot be ruled out at this concentration, yet it is minimized as long as the product is mixed-in because the mixing will dilute its impact to some extent. The lactic acid used in this formulation derives from a fermentation process of barley and corn as raw material. 100% of vegan origin.

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